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For over 30 years, B.J. Fortner Hardwoods has supplied quality logs. We have taken that expertise and commitment to quality into our lumber business. Our state of the art saw mill is ready to serve your hardwood lumber needs.


hardwoods lumberNot every tree produces the quality of lumber Fortner Hardwoods' insists upon. So, we carefully select what will serve our customers' needs best. Our walnut, red and white oak and hard maple go into the homes, businesses and recreational facilities that people depend upon for their quality of life, and they deserve the best that the forests of Virginia, Tennessee and Kentucky have to offer. Our land managment program lets us select only the best logs, then our state of the art saw mill turns this into some of the best hardwood lumber you can buy.


lumber hardwoodWe're able to ship our hardwood lumber in the best possible condition for use because we have invested in a state-of-the-art sawmill that uses lasers and high-tech solutions to help ensure that our lumber quality is top of the line. We also have highly trained experienced employees who share our commitment to excellence. Just as our Master Loggers cut only the best logs, our saw mill produces the best hardwood lumber.


The species of wood that Fortner has built its reputation on include: white oak for architectural millwork, paneling, boats and furniture building; red oak for flooring, trim, furniture and cabinetry; walnut for gun stocks, fine furniture and millwork; and hard maple for cabinets, furniture and wood turning.

We can also supply other hardwoods including: Black Walnut, Red Oak, White Oak, Ash, Poplar, Hickory, Aromatic Red Cedar, Basswood, Beech, Cherry, Buckeye, Hard and Soft Maple. We can also supply soft woods like White and Yellow Pine.

For a look at some of our logs, visit our gallery.

Land Management

hardwood lumberWe at Fortner Hardwood realize that being known for high-quality lumber in the southeast comes with certain responsibilities. As part of being a good neighbor we have formed the Tennessee Timber and Land Management Company to help our friends and neighbors get the most out of their property and allow us to supply our customers with the quailty of hardwood lumber they have come to expect from us.

We know that our responsibilities don't end there, we also use land management Best Practices as part of our responsibility to the environment.

Management Practices

black walnut, red oak, white oak, hard maple, yellow poplar, true hickoryGood stewardship of the timberlands is never far from our minds because we know that protection of the water and soil resources of the beautiful Appalachian Mountains is essential to their continued good health and productivity.

Our environmentally sound land management Best Practices are: dedication to prevent damage to areas where we harvest lumber and doing whatever we can to eliminate waste along our path, to building on our reputation for high-quality lumber.

Other uses

In addition to selling logs for furniture, architecture, and veneers, we shred the bark, chip the scrap lumber, toss on the floor sweepings and sell it all for use as mulch. Our sawdust is sold to furniture makers who use it as boiler fuel.

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