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Hardwood Logs For Sale

For over 30 years B. J. Fortner Hardwoods has supplied the furniture and veneer industry with quality hardwoods. We have built a reputation as honest business people who provide a quality product at a fair price. We would like to be your hardwood supplier.
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Selection of Logs

hardwood lumber, veneer, wholesale lumber, hard wood, veneer logs, wholesale logs, Quality is always on our minds, which makes us fussy about our logs. We buy very little from local loggers because we prefer to harvest it ourselves.

Our location in the Appalachian Mountain region enables us to find enough high-quality logs without looking far beyond Virginia, Tennessee and Kentucky.
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Species and Uses

logs for export, hard wood lumber, venner, hardwood logs for export, We specialize in veneer quality hardwood logs like: black walnut, red oak, white oak, hard maple, yellow poplar, and true hickory. Thanks to our land management company we can also provide quality soft maple, aromatic red cedar, ash, American bass wood, American beech, black gum, and cherry logs. We also can supply some softwoods like soft pine and yellow pine.

Most of the lumber is sold to furniture makers in North and South Carolina and Indiana, but there's a steadily increasing foreign market for our veneer quality logs.

We can also supply other hardwoods including: Black Walnut, Red Oak, White Oak, Ash, Poplar, Hickory, Aromatic Red Cedar, Basswood, Beech, Cherry, Buckeye, Hard and Soft Maple. We can also supply soft woods like White and Yellow Pine.
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veneer hardwood, wholesale hardwoods, veneer logs wholesale, wood, lumber, B.J. Fortner's easy access to transportation lines that lead across the globe has made it possible for the company to develop a foreign market for its veneer logs. We can export veneer quality logs anywhere in the world.

Local trade is still our mainstay, but a commitment to quality has opened the door to other opportunities.

Land Management

logs, timber, wood veneer, timber industry, master logger, timber merchants, KY Thanks to the abundant natural resources in our area, we stay busy year round. Thanks to our land managment company, Tennessee Timber and Land Management Company, we have access to thousands of acres of old-stand forests and older second growth forests. This also provides our friends and neighbors with a valuable source of income. To learn more about how you and your family might benefit, contact us for more information.

Enviromental Practices

Keeping the environment in mind means practicing erosion-control measures, making reforestation a priority and doing everything possible to prevent waste. At Fortner Hardwoods we use Best Management practices and stay on top of new trends and techniques in environmental methods.

Aside from selling logs for furniture and veneers, we shred the bark, chip the scrap lumber, toss on the floor sweepings and sell it all for use as mulch. Our sawdust is sold to furniture makers who use it as boiler fuel.

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